• High-Grade Sweeps

    Meticulous handling of your precious metals during all phases of thermal reduction.

Thermal Reduction

Superior controls, highly efficient processes, and attention to detail makes us the largest thermal reduction “high-grade sweeps” precious metal refiner in the world.

We refine any precious metal bearing material; filters, jewelry sweeps, resins, dust, or debris generated from a wide variety of precious metal manufacturing processes

Regulated or Non-Regulated Material – there is simply no one better.

“I must say that we have experienced better returns, pricing and service.  We see them in almost every aspect of the refining process.  Well done.”


Incineration, Milling, Sifting and Blending

  • Modern thermal reduction (incineration) furnaces process a wide variety of burnable material
  • Cutting edge thermal reduction incinerators are fitted with a seal that guarantees a tamper-free burn
  • Internal trays prevent cross-contamination
  • Indirect flame design keeps materials contained to reduce loss of valuable material.
  • Capable of burning 500 lbs of material per hour
  • Material to an ash, ball milled, screened, blended, weighed and sampled for an accurate assay sample
  • Tails or oversized are then melted and sampled separately.
  • Our 760 sq. ft. ball mill room contains 4 ball mills of various sizes
  • Explosion-proof room was designed under the guidance of the National Fire Protection Association & OSHA.
  • Material is loaded into the ball mills, pulverized into a fine powder and screened using a 70 mesh screen
  • Anything that does not go through the screen is classified as oversized and set aside for future processing

Come experience it for yourself!


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