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Lab Services & Testing

Our assay laboratory is an integral part of our success, which is why it is fully equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, competent and highly experienced personnel and a long history of consistently accurate assaying outcomes.
The assay laboratory employs a variety of analytical methods to obtain the most accurate assay possible.

Assaying and Analysis

Methods may include:

  • Fire Assay
  • Gravimetric Assay
  • (AA) Analysis - Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
  • (ICP) Analysis - Inductively Coupled Plasma
  • X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Any combinations of methods that may be appropriate

Analytical services are also provided for maintenance of our proprietary electroplating processes and associated chemistries. These services include the analysis of all aspects of electroplating product support and providing quick ‘keep production moving’ bath reports.
Electroplating bath analysis results are completed within 24-48 hours of receipt of sample and sent to the customer by your preferred method (e-mail, fax or mail). Analytical reports include specific quantitative bath recommendations (brighteners, conductivity, etc.) and provide a history of the past three report results.

  • All gold assays include gold dragged into a double rinse station, providing zero loss of gold

Analytical services for jewelry include, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium fire assays & metal deposition thickness measurements for plated goods.

Please consider ACC’s laboratory as a secondary resource for your refining samples such as Solutions, Sweeps, Resins or Bullion.    For pricing and additional information please email lab@advchem.com

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  • "The guys did an excellent job taking care of the different jobs we had schedule for that day! 
Was glad to see the whole vault inside was upgraded with new vaults in place!!"

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  • "Every time I come to Advanced there is always a positive change. The new shredding facility is impeccable! As always your operators and customer service people were terrific. Their attention to detail and drive to ensure accuracy makes it apparent that it isn’t for show, it’s a habit! Great job guys – keep it up!”

  • "I must say that we have experienced better returns, pricing and service. We see them in almost every aspect of the refining process. Well done."

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  • "You are the best, I mean that. Thank you, thank you!"

  • “It was a pleasure meeting all of you and seeing your “first class” operation. Everybody that I met there were very patient with me in their explanations and in answering my (maybe sometimes redundant), questions. While I was not able to witness all of your operations, the glimpse you afforded me was enough increase my understanding in how most materials are processed so that I can better do my job in preparing these materials.   Hope to visit again sometime and see you all.”

  • "I wanted to thank each of you for your assistance with our undertaking of this huge shipment. You have been very patient with me in answering all questions and as I stated the driver was outstanding!!!! He helped with the entire load, made suggestions and just went above and beyond what he probably had to do. We are so grateful, this was a very tough job."

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