• Chemical Refining

    Cutting-edge chemical refining maximizes your return.

Chemical Refining Services

At ACC, we dedicate over 50% of our operations to precious metal chemical refining, making us one of the largest chemical refiners in the world.
Our competitors predominantly focus on melting and sweeps preparation - often low grade / high volume - with little chemical solution capabilities. Our cutting-edge chemical refining processes are unmatched in the industry and maximize the return on your precious metals.

“As always your operators and customer service people were terrific.  Their attention to detail and drive to ensure accuracy makes it apparent that it isn’t for show, it’s a habit!  Great Job guys – Keep it up!”



Cyanide & Acid Based Solutions

  • ACC can process material that is up to .9995%-.9999% pure grain

  • That level of purity makes us one of the few refiners in the industry that qualifies as a Primary Refiner

  • After we blend material into a homogeneous mixture, we use one of the most accurate sampling techniques in the industry to properly assay customers’ material

  • Proprietary techniques honed over decades of experience to extract the precious metal content from material

Cyanide Chemical Gold Stripping

  • Ideal for material that is plated with a single layer of gold
  • When utilized properly, recovers 100% of gold.
  • Rotary barrels & specially engineered receptacles can strip from small lots up to 10,000 pounds/day.  
  • Material is stripped, rinsed & inspected to ensure all gold has been removed
  • Remaining solution is weighed in a way that suits your specific preference
  • Partners are also paid based on the base metal content
  • All gold assays include gold dragged into a double rinse station, providing zero loss of gold

Acid Digestion

  • Acid digestion is ideal for material that has multiple plated layers
  • Acid digestion is also ideal for removing genuine gemstones from jewelry without harm
  • Material is completely dissolved into liquid form in our unique acid digestion kettles, the only ones of their kind in the entire USA
  • We separate and precipitate out the precious metals from the non-precious metals for maximum precious metal recovery

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