• Advanced Chemical Precious Metals Refinery Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Advanced Chemical Precious Metals Refinery Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Gold and silver plating companies, electronics manufacturers, and the general public can benefit from Advanced Chemical Company, a leader in precious metals refining and electroplating processes. For more than 40 years, this family owned and operated company has refined gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium in its 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility.

In addition to handling most hazardous and non-hazardous precious-metal-bearing material for a wide array of customers, Advanced Chemical is a leading manufacturer of proprietary precious metal electroplating chemistries and other specialty chemistries, with laboratory services that range from assaying to element identification to product support.

precious metal refining one.png 300x225High-Grade Melts (Karat, Gold Filled, Sterling)

With an assortment of volume capacity melters (three gas-fired melters: 50 lb., 125 lb., and 700 lb. capacity; and three induction melters: 25 lb., 100 lb., and 175 lb. capacity), Advanced Chemical has the flexibility to handle any melting needs. Samples are taken using the glass rod method or granulated sampling techniques, or by drilling the bars, if necessary. All customer lots can be melted individually and in varying volumes.

precious metal refining two.png 300x226Incineration (Jewelry Sweeps Process, Rugs, Filters, Wipes)

Thanks to its modern thermal reduction furnaces, Advanced Chemical processes a wide variety of burnable precious-metal-bearing material. The company has four incinerators (all equipped with after-burners) that are specifically designed to eliminate burn loss and protect valuable materials. It also has a larger unit that can burn 500 pounds of material per hour and house smaller trays to burn smaller-size multiple lots. Once the incineration process begins, the material is reduced to an ash, and then ball milled and screened to separate fines from tails, creating a fine powder that is blended, weighed, and sampled for an accurate assay sample. The tails are then melted and sampled separately.

precious metal refining three.png 300x294Multi-Metal Digest or Stone Breakout (Acid Digestion)

When it comes to material plated with multiple layers (such as gold over nickel over a second layer of gold), these materials can be placed into acid digestion kettles.  The acids dissolve all of the layers of metals. The precious metals are then recovered from the acid solution.  This method is also ideal for removing genuine stones in old scrap jewelry.  Not only are the precious metals reclaimed, the genuine stones are left unharmed.  Once they are cleaned and sorted they are shipped back to the customer to be placed into new jewelry.

precious metal refining four.png 250x300Cyanide Strip

This method is ideal for gold plated jewelry and industrial scrap with exposed gold and no barrier layers. The process is fast and more cost-effective than melting or using other processes when the gold is encapsulated or hidden under multiple layers. The stripping process involves immersing the scrap into a stripping solution to remove the layer of gold metal. The scrap is then removed from the solution, rinsed thoroughly, and inspected to ensure that all gold has been removed. The remaining solution containing the stripped precious metals is then volumed/weighed in any number of ways that suit the customer’s specific preference and assayed for gold. Our customers are also paid on the base metal content.

precious metal refining five.png 300x225Four In-House Labs (Fire Assay)

Simply put, assaying is the process used to determine the composition of a substance, which determines a material’s value. With four in-house labs, Advanced Chemical can perform, Fire Assays, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and x-ray fluorescence assays, as well as metallurgical assays for valuing gold and silver, gravimetric analysis for measuring mass, and atomic absorption spectroscopy, which involves atomizing samples before studying their absorption of light.

precious metal refining six.png 300x30010-Oz. Silver Bars

Because people are always looking for affordable and stable investment opportunities, Advanced Chemical offers 10-oz. silver bars, which, unlike gold, provide a larger investment return. Minted for such investment purposes, these bars also attract collectors, since they come with a certificate of authenticity and unique serialized number. The silver bars are also an ideal gift for special occasions as they are presented in a beautiful black velvet bag.

Whatever your precious metals, refining, or electroplating needs, Advanced Chemical Company has the expertise and equipment to serve you. Its 25,000-square-foot, ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, OHSAS 18001, R2:2008 Certified & ITAR Registered full-service precious metals refinery, headquartered in Warwick, Rhode Island, provides state-of-the-art and environmentally safe refinery methods for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

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