• Acid digestion: The How, Why, and Benefits

Acid digestion: The How, Why, and Benefits

When it comes to recovering precious metals and gemstones in the case of jewelry, acid digestion can separate itself as the best process to refine the most valuable materials known to man. Let’s take a closer look at this chemical process and how it helps our customers safely reclaim their precious metals and stones.

What’s so special about acid digestion?

The great thing about acid digestion is that it allows us to selectively separate metals by dissolving them at dierent stages during the refining process, unlike melting, incinerating, or stripping. It is especially helpful when dealing with multiple layers of metals. For example, with gold layered upon nickel, acid digestion gives us the capability to retrieve the gold by dissolving the metals layer by layer.

If we use the analogy of a layered cake, think of it in terms of frosting-cake-frosting-cake. Now, substitute the frosting for gold, and cake for nickel: gold-nickel-gold-nickel. Acid digestion helps us retrieve multiple layers of gold while dissolving the nickel. After the digestion process is complete, we can reclaim the precious metals from the acid solution itself.

Yeah, but how does it work?

Our facilities contain unique kettles where we place the items to be treated. Then it’s time to add the acid solution —this can include a combination of nitric and hydrochloric acids.

Once the digest process is complete, we use proprietary processes to refine each of the precious metals from the acid solution, leaving us with such sought-after metals as gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and palladium. For the mere price of the acids, we cost-eectively reclaim some of the most beautiful and valuable metals on earth.

Going beyond the metals

Apart from precious metals, the acid digestion process also makes it possible to reclaim gemstones.

The liquid does not damage the precious gemstones in the least. Furthermore, fake stones like cubic zirconia can be damaged during this process, providing an easy way to visually identify them and keep them apart from real diamonds and other authentic gems.

A natural, cost-effective choice

Given all of the above benefits, it’s easy to see the attraction of using acid digestion. It’s safe, cost-eective, and a proven method for returning valuables back to their owners in pristine condition.

For more information about this fascinating process and how it can help you reclaim your precious metals and gemstones, contact the professionals at Advanced Chemical.

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